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Shifu Josif Tiletzidis

Shifu Josif Tilentzidis

At an age of 4 Josif Tilentzidis came to Germany with his family in 1964.
As many boys he played soccer before, in the 80ties, he was attracted to the martial arts.

By chance he came across an advert from the club "Athletic 2000". Kung Fu at that stage became more and more
popular in Europe. Thus he decided to go for a trial session with Shifu (Master) Seet Chor Thong. Seeing what the,
for Europeans those days exotic, sports would be like.

Sifu Josif Tilentzidis

Shifu Seet Chor Thong, trained by Shifu (Grand Master) Lim Chin Kim, brought the Zhou Jia System to Germany in the early 70th. He just returned from home to Siegen in order to build up his own school to pass on the traditional sequences.
During this training session Josif Tilentzidis was encouraged to practise this martial art.
The fascination until now never stopped.
Beginning 90th he went to Gevelsberg, where the Shaolin Hung Choy Trainer Organisation of Shifu Frank Greinacher welcomed him warmly.

With the support of his Kung Fu brother Ahmet Bayrak he prepared himself for his black belt examination in a very short time and passed successfully.

As the travel distance between his home in the province Hessen and Gevelsberg was quite far, he finally moved to Gevelsberg and took over responsibility for the adult training sessions. Also he supported the Club in the Traditional Kung Fu Association as judge in competitions and with performances.

In 2005 Josif Tilentzidis moved to Wuppertal-Ronsdorf. Here he was given chance by the sports club "BTV-Ronsdorf Graben" to deliver an insight into this martial art to a group of interested children, young people and adults.

Finally in June 2006 the German Zhen Chuan Kung Fu Association e.V. was founded.
Later that year, on 29th of October, the Kung Fu school opened it's doors under his leadership in Remscheider Str. 188 in Wuppertal Ronsdorf.

Josif Tilentzidis is anxious to pass on the Zhou Jia System in a traditional way.

2010 he successfully qualified to accomplish "Mut tut gut"- prevention for kids from 5 to 10 of age. Following the concept of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft "em-jug" Gummersbach.
(This is violence prevention through strengthening the kids self-confidence)