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happy and cheerful team in Poland

15. Oktober 2012

Again this year our school attendend the European meeting in Rzeszow.

Whereas Lenny Amler and Jan Hohmann being there for the third time, almost felt home, Peter Rochold was bit

nervous as it was his first time. Fortunately the team had two days to accomodate before the tournament.

Our team was acommodated in a very nice hotel and there was a big shopping mall nearby which was conquered
on Friday afternoon. Prior to that an intensive training unit was absolved. Last corrections and weapons were tested.
Unfortunately the tiger-fork Peter was working with proved not to be strong enough. So Peter held two instead of one
piece in his hands. Fortunate enough there were more forkat hands in-between which a stronger one to withstand Peter was found.

Saturday the 13th of October 2012 the tournament took place. The 3rd polish Chow Gar Championship under the lead of
the Poland Nia Kwang Chow Gar Kung Fu Association under Sifu Tomasz Plaza together with the Traditional Zhou Jia Federation Europe
was opened through a lion-dance performed by the hosting school.


On two arenas were hand- and weapon forms,as well as Sanda fights parallel performed.

When reading the long list of participants naming their competitiors our three Zhen Chuan pupils got quite nervous.
However their strong will to take home at least one medal, let them go strong.
After last year just about not reaching the podium, this year Jans ambitions were stronger but also the amount of competitors in his age.
He in the end could convince the judges with his well performed hand form and earned the gold medal.

Lenny wanted to defend his former gold medals, which was successful in hand forms.
In the wepon forms he reached a splendid 2nd place with his sabre-form. Never the less he has ambitions to get the Gold medal again next year.

Peter too wanted to convice with his hand form and the joy was great when he, being the acrobatics instructor of the Zhen Chuan school, won
the competition.
That was a good start followed by two silver medals in sabre and stick. Last but not least with the tiger fork he reached another 2nd place in the
catergory other weapons.


As from that point we could follow the rest of the well organized  tournament relaxed.

Our results:
Hand-form Age  9 to 11
1st Jan Hohmann

Hand-form Age  15 to 17
1st Lenny Amler

Hand-form Age 18 +
1st Peter Rochold

Weapons - Sabre Age  15 to 17
2nd  Lenny Amler

Weapons long (stick) Age 18+
2nd Peter Rochold

Weapons long (others) Age 18+
2nd Peter Rochold

Weapons - Sabre Age 18+
2. Platz Peter Rochold

That different languages not necessarily must be a comnunication problem was shown towards the end of the tournament.
While doing some acrobatics, Peter found himself surrounded by kids and parents. The little ones burning to show their
acrobatic knowledge and performing it. Also new things were tried out.

The success was celebrated with a nice dinner and a big ice cream.

Before leaving for home we visited Przemysl near the Ukraine border.


We had a great time in Poland and wish to thank Ewa and Tomasz Plaza very much for their hospitality.
We look forward to meet again next year hoping to attend again.